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Hua-yen Buddhist College was founded in 1975 and was inspired by two motives:

1. It was founded in memory of the first Abbot of Hua-yen Lotus Society, Ven. Zhi Guang. He dedicated his life to practicing Hua-yen doctrine, and promoting Hua-yen as the origin of Dharmadhatu, which was fitting in this era of democracy and science.

2. It was founded to improve the educational level of Sangha members, and to cultivate modern talents in spreading Buddhism. Back then, the government was promoting nine-year compulsory education, and many technological colleges were therefore founded, not to mention the fast speed of knowledge spreading and the great progress in science. These all urged us to quickly improve ourselves so as not to be left behind.

And with the above missions, the college was therefore founded and named Hua-yen Buddhist College. Required courses are mainly on Hua-yen thought and literatures; selected courses include subjects in the domains of literature, history, and philosophy; the thoughts of other schools are also included, such as Yogacara, Tiantai, Zen, Pureland, etc. Students can learn a wide range of knowledge and further put it into practice.

Also worth mentioning is that since the founding goal of Hua-yen Buddhist College is to cultivate professional talents to spread Buddhism, students do not need to perform chores. Special occasions of national celebration, such as the Humane King Dharma Meeting, Buddha's Birthday Ceremony, and Buddhist literature exhibitions, would require students to participate, but they do not have to attend regular Dharma Assembly with followers of the Lotus Society. Students can focus fully on their schoolwork.