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2013第二屆華嚴專宗國際學術研討會論文集下載 2013第二屆國際青年華嚴學者論壇論文下載
2014第三屆華嚴專宗國際學術研討會論文集下載 2014第三屆國際青年華嚴學者論壇論文下載


Huayen School College for the study of Huayen has published works of Master Nanting, Chenyi and Hsiendu. Especially Hsiendu's works, compiled in the collected works of master Hsiendu, are the good teaching materials as well as academic research papers.

Moreover, on the basis of Shanghai Edition with Commentary and Sub-commentary for Huayen Sutras Volumes 1-8, Prof. Kao Mintao and his team spent eight years redoing the layout, rearranging paragraphs, adding contemporary punctuations, exploring quotation passages, appending notes and making a catalogue. Finally The Newly Modified Edition with the Commentary and Sub-commentary for Huayen Sutras (20 Volumes), which become a large collection of modern scholarly and reference books, were published by Huayen Lotus Association during the years 1996-2014.

In order to make the data above well-preserved and easily-used, we endeavor to digitize all the texts and images by means of modern digital technology. At present, the digitization of the Collected Edition of Hsiendu’s Works and Newly Edition of the Commentary and Sub-Commentary for Huayen Sutras is under way.