Inter-communication for Academic Research

International Academic Research Seminars

International Academic Research Seminars of Huayen School College is held annually in April, for a total of three times since 2012.

International Huayen Youth Scholars Association

To enhance the quality of Huayen Studies, the International Huayen Youth Scholars Association annually invites both domestic and foreign young scholars to hold a symposium, where the latest research results are shared and discussed. This symposium is held for two times since 2012.

Seminars and Workshops

To promote the teaching and research of Huayen Studies, the main task of ICHS is to offer various seminars, workshops and academic personnel training courses for domestic/international students. ICHS will also invite Huayen researchers and experts to to give keynote speeches or intensive short courses. ICHS has signed a cooperation programme with Institute of Philosophy Center for Religious Studies Zhejiang Academy of Social Sciences. This programme includes: